Sat. June 14, 2014
5PM to 11.30 PM
2501 Hway 132, Vernalis, CA 95385
Over 200 guests expected.
Venue and food by courtesy of SANDHU BROTHERS FARM OF TRACY
Entertainment by:Vinod BabaAndHis Masters Orchestra  

Special Girmit presentation by: Music MasterBabu Lal

 Chairperson Zahid Buksh with famous Punjabi singer MONDAIR JATINDER SINGH who will also sing on the occasion.PROGRAM DETAIL PM welcome & opening Address by chairperson: Zahid BukshInterfaith services by Hindu, Muslim, Christian and Sikh communities.  Slide show on GirmitChildren’s Quiz Competition. Open Mic sessionDinner & Entertainment.

Call: Zahid Buksh (209) 629-0913 or Dr. H. Koya (510)677-4488 


HAYWARD - (FEB 15, 2014) More than 300 guests attended the 3rd Fiji Wards Night on the Valentines Day held her at Raja Sweets Restaurant by Golden Bay Area Golden Voice band.

Chief Guest Dr. Naleen Prasad handed out fellowship award to a select numbers of AIM nominees at the celebration. The nominees included: Connie Taylor (Union rep and 30 year veteran staff of Sutter Health) Rukhshana  15 year RN at Kaiser Permanents), Zahid Buksh ( Gulf War veteran and CHP technical investigator), Robbie Michaelson ( 40 year business operator), Ail Tharkar ( a retired Silicon Valley Engineer) and Afghan peace advocate Sophia Omar.

Khalifa of Islam Ahmadiyyat get warm welcome at Capitol Hill

Democratic House Leader Nancy Polesi extending  Hazrat Mirza Masoor Ahmad a warm welcome at a join session at Capital Hill.

Hazoor spoke on International Peace based on absolute justice.

Please watch You Tube clipping here:


Vigyan stands groud on $7 trillion mortgage fruad
(Picture by Annie Koya Fiji Sun chief event photographer)
Zubeda surpirse Zarien with birthday paty
(Singer Lukas, Zarien, Zubeda and Azam Khan of Bibi Fashion at Zarin'e birthday party).
Planning in process for the first KOYA MEMORIAL NIGHT for early nest year. A night dedicated to the memory of the late Hon. S M KOYA, a long term Opposition Leader in the Ratu Sir Mara Government in Fiji.
Open Mike Night for all to share their thoughts and comments will be entertainment-packed with  recognition and prizes.
This long awaited University is also due for launching soon. TBA

Judge Lott honors AIM Fellows  at Fiji Nights AwardsFiji's business stalwarts Anil R. Singh, Narendra Narayan and Anil Raman get the highest AIM honors
  The Hayward Superior Court judicial officer Hon Judge Lott was invited to be the Chief Guest at the 2 Fiji Awards Night at the Mehran Restaurant, Newark, CA Friday Oct 28, 2011.  Speaking to a select group of invitees and professional members of AIM – American Institute of Management, Hon, Judge Lott gave his own family example how they gave education priority in life. (Above Judge Lott in the center with purple sash with newly accredited  AIM Fellows)  
 The chief guest said that he was indebted to his mother who was a school teacher and was on top of things to make sure her children got good education. He said his mother was so focused that she did not let the judge skip over a grade for his excellent school report. She talked his teacher out of it and made go through the entire grades. The judge said that it was because his grandparents and parents took keen interest in the education of their children that led his family members acquire sound education at time when the community faced many challenges.   Later, when a counselor suggested to him to a class in carpentry Judge Lott’s mom made sure he took more academic subjects instead.   
 In response to judge’s motivation, the master of ceremonies said Fiji Americans as an immigrant community and descendants of indentured laborers looked up to American leaders like Abraham Lincoln and Dr. Martin Luther King as models to achieve their goals.  Judge Lott handed out awards to several nominees of the Fiji Awards Night and to first group of accredited Fellows of the American Institute of Management that was part of the event at the awards night.   After his graduation from Oakland Public School, Judge Lott did his undergraduate at Cal State Hayward and studied law at UC Davis. He was deputy city attorney for 5 years for City of San Jose and deputy county counsel for 23 years for Alameda County.  In March 2001 he was appointed commissioner and over traffic cases, small claims, misdemeanor arraignment and did civil case management.  In 2007 Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger appointed him as Judge.   Judge Lott loves bike riding, camping and traveling. He a member of KAPPA ALPHA PSI fraternity, National Bar Association, California Bar Association and Charleston Houston Bar Association.  
 Amina Koya wife late S M Koya passes away at 79
LAUTOKA, FIJI -( Jan 3, 2010) Wife of late Hon. S M Koya-the former Leader of Opposition in the Mara-led Fiji Government, Mrs Amina Koya breathed her last at Lautoka Hospital after a short illness. Leading Fiji politicians and Fiji Media paid great tribute to Mrs. Amina Koya as hundreds of family members and friends gathered at the Koya residence in Lautoka. She was 79. Fiji's President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau also paid a visit.
In a press statement National President Party said that Mrs Koya was a pillar of strength for her late husband and stood by him during his political career. Fiji's Attorney General Sayed Khaiyum also described Mrs Koya as tower  of strength for her late husband.
Former Fiji Prime Minister Mr. Menhdra Chaudhry also sent his condolences from India and said that Mrs Koya was a lady of fortitude  integrity and loyalty.
National TV One show a shot clipping as it aired the news on Jan 4. The clipping can be viewed on its website.
(Pic by courtesy of Sonny Koya)
In South San Francisco, her nephews Sonny Koya , Iqbal Koya and other close relatives congregated Jan 4 to pray for her departed soul.
Mrs. Amina Koya will be rembered as a former elementry school teacher and a long term executive member of the Fiji Zanana Muslim League of Lautoka Branch. She belonged to the famous Shahabud Dean family of Lautoka, operators of Dean Transportation. She was a loving sister of Lautoka soccer hero Hakim Dean, Civic Servant Tom Dean and long time Air Pacific Staff Aiyub Dean.
She is survived by daughter Attorney Shenaz Koya, and sons Attorney Faiyaz Koya and Faizal Koya newly appointed  magistrate at the Raki Raki Court.
 My aunt Mrs. Koya my refuge 

Growing up as a school kid my mother thought I needed some “monitoring” that I never understood why. She would have me go visit my late uncle S M Koya at his  residence downtown Lautoka every Saturday morning on my way to the market to buy fresh vegetables.   Most of the time, I found uncle Koya buried in the novels. After quickly greeting him, I would look for the first opportunity to squeeze out the front gate and off to the market. Auntie Amina was always conscious of my presence and would often call me to her bedroom where she attended to her first born Shenaz Koya who was in the cradles then. She would entrust little Shenaz her to me and get me a cup of tea trying to keep from my uncle. One day I was in a big hurry and tried to rush out and auntie Amina caught me in the open carport where she was cooking. She ordered me stay behind for an early lunch she was doing. I tried all my excuses. She threatened to report by obstinate to my mother and succeeded in dissuading me to dash out of the front gate. I cannot forget the most delicious goat liver curry she made topped with curry leaves and garnished with cilantro my favorite item. I ate like a hungry tiger. When I returned home after shopping and seeing matinee that I was not supposed to do, my mom questioned me in detail if I visited uncle Sid and met auntie Amina. When I backed my story with the fact that how much I enjoyed aunt Amina’s goat curry and roti, my mom beamed with a smile and added that she knew her sister was an excellent cook. Some of sisters enjoyed closer affinity with late auntie Amina Koya while I drifted away over the years and minimized my visited but always relished her kindness and attention she gave us during her visits to our country side home. Perhaps I pray more for her kindness than I do for others in the family who have left us behind in this world. May God bless the departed soul
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